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    Email configuration in Django.


      how to configure email using SMTP:

      1. Import the necessary libraries:

      javascriptCopy code

      import os from django.core.mail import EmailMessage from django.conf import settings

      1. Set the email backend to SMTP:

      arduinoCopy code

      EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'

      1. Configure the SMTP server settings:

      makefileCopy code

      EMAIL_HOST = '' EMAIL_PORT = 587 EMAIL_USE_TLS = True EMAIL_HOST_USER = '[email protected]' EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = 'your_email_password'

      Note: Replace the email and password fields with your own email and password.

      1. Test the email configuration:

      scssCopy code

      def send_email(subject, body, recipient_list): email = EmailMessage( subject=subject, body=body, from_email=settings.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL, to=recipient_list ) email.send()

      Note: Replace the 'DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL' field in the 'from_email' parameter with your own email address.

      1. Call the 'send_email' function and pass the email subject, body, and recipient list:

      arduinoCopy code

      send_email('Test Email', 'This is a test email', ['[email protected]', '[email protected]'])

      Note: Replace the subject, body, and recipient list fields with your own values.

      That's it! You have now configured email in Django and tested the email configuration.



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